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... excites professional jury.
At the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010
the specialty liquor VEGEFEUER was awarded
with the highly desired Gold Medal.
Since 2000 the annual international competition is
one of the world's most important contests for spirits.
Coming soon to the U.S.!!!
Experts opinions:

After sampling drinks for the past 9 years Vegefeuer is one of the occasional gold nuggets you stumble across.
The taste character is complex. The nose of caramel, almonds, creamy vanilla, chocolate are the notes you are instantly introduced to and with a rounded coconut sweetness you have a general aroma of freshly baked macaroons. This gently gives way to discreet herbal tones which delicately round off the finish. The liquid emphasises the above characteristics on the palate adding a lusciously oily coated finish that has real length of flavour.
The website suggests lighting the liquid but it really is not necessary. Although it comes in at 55% it is refined and dignified enough to serve simply as a sipping drink. However the real joy is the complexity. This allows Vegefeuer to have a multi purpose serve. It works well on all levels.... It is great with straightforward, uncomplicated fruit juices & mixers as well as hot after diner drinks. And for cocktails..... It is a bartenders delight

Kevin Moore
Wine and Spirit

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