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The taste character of that fiery liquor is surprising-complex, fresh, stimulating, multi-layered, lasting. Notes of mint, almonds, nuts, vanilla, chocolate are dominating in the foreground as well as multitude of taste allusions with a discret herbal note in the velvety finish.

The exceptional liquor has a spezial decorative effect when it is offered as a drink flambé. By lighting the liquor roast flavours and caramel notes are unfolded. Period of burning: 30 seconds till 2 minutes are ideal.

Vegefeuer is many-facetted and perhaps even that’s why it is enormously adaptable. It refines a drink without dominating the taste. So it’s the ideal shot of sin for virginal hot and cold drinks.

As a result of the complexity of ist taste Vegefeuer is harmonizing with many other alcoholic drinks. A liquor with 55 percent alcoholic content is a good starting point for hellish-delicious cocktail creations.