Secret family recipe since 1947

VEGEFEUER is a premium herbal liqueur, crafted (to date) according to an old, secret family recipe since 1947.
An outstanding liqueur, not only because he’s handcrafted from high-quality ingredients, but also a liqueur that offers a delightful experience by his extraordinary and multilayered taste.

VEGEFEUER is more of an experience rather than a beverage.
Whether ice-cooled (chilled) or at room temperature, pure or mixed in a cocktail, longdrink or a special kickin an espresso.

VEGEFEUER – surprisingly different




Does it even exist?

Liqueur season

Liqueurs are always in season. Recent years showthis very clearly. In the early days, liqueurs had been a popular supplement to fine feast on holidays like Easter (Thanksgiving) or Christmas. The multi-layered composition is a special changeto the monotony in supermarket shelfs. It is no surprise that todaycocktail bars and restaurants attach a higher priority to liqueurs.


New Cocktails

Almost every day we receive new Cocktail recipes by post or mail. Also for us it is still an adventure to taste these ideas. Little by little we will extend our list of recipes.
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High proof medicine chest

Liqueur a remedy?

The first liqueurs had been used as a remedy. For a long time liqueurs have been the exclusive domain of pharmacies and monasteries with their herbal gardens. Even today alcoholic herbal extracts without added sugar like chamomile extracts, sage extracts or mixed herbs in bitters, known as digestives are offered in pharmacies.

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