Everyone trying VEGEFEUER discovers individual notes. While for one vanilla and hazel nuts are in the foreground, VEGEFEUER is combining all of these flavours and simultaneously every single aroma stands for itself.
There is only one agreement: Its special taste!

In spite of his power VEGEFEUER is smooth, full-bodied and multifaceted. You should savour it, don’t let it get dusty. For many occasions andfor sharing enjoyment with friends.

VEGEFEUER absolute unique

VEGEFEUER is a very good, well balanced, clean manufactured.
The fragrance is dominated by vanilla, slight sweetness is perceptible.
Full-bodied in taste, sweet, oily, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh mint, mik chocolate.
In spite of the high alcoholic substance it’s smooth, round.

Bastian Heuser – Mixology, magazine for bar culture. Drinks Director/Bar Consultant