V EggFire

Egg liqueur, based on VEGEFEUER
from Wolf Edle Spirituosen

10 yolk, yellow of an egg
300 g sugar
200 ml milk
200 g cream
1/2 pith of vanilla bean

V EggFire as PDF

Yolk dropped through a fine sieve, add sugar and cream it in a water bath (low heat, carefull, don’t boil). Cool down and add milk, the pith of a half vanilla bean and cream while mixing. Add VEGEFEUER slow and cream well.

Fill in bottle(s) and cool in fridge.

Shake well before pouring, serve with coffe- or cocoa powder. Also try it with cinnamon powder or cayenne pepper on top. Keep in fridge, consume within 4 weeks.

Tips for use:

  • Pur: with a dash mocha liqueur
  • Sauce: top it over chocolate-, caramel- or nut ice cream.
  • Creamy cakes: thick with gelatine, mix with ground nuts or almonds.
  • Egg-beer: Warm up the beer, add a big dash of egg liqueur and mix.
    Flavor with a bit of lemon peel.

Egg White Pie with VEGEFEUER

created by Wolf Edle Spirituosen

Ingredients: 12 servings
10 White of an egg
200 g Sugar
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar
200 g Chocolate callets, chips or grated chocolate
300 g Nuts or almonds, grated
2 ts Baking powder

Egg White Pie as PDF

Beat the egg white, sugar and vanilla sugar until stiff. Add VEGEFEUER carefully. Stir in grated nuts or almonds with the baking powder and chocolate callets, chips or grated chocolate. Pour into a springform pan or  loafpan lined with baking paper and bake at 180° Celsius for 45–60 minutes.

The dough can also be filled in muffin forms and topped after baking with chocolate or
icing sugar. When baked in a springform pan, after cool down, the pie can be cut in the middle and filled with any desired cream (nut-, chocolate-, pudding- or butter cream).

When baked in a rectangular dish, serve in slices — perfect with a good shot of V EggFire, the yummy egg liqueur, based on VEGEFEUER for DIY.